Puppy School Is In Session

Bring your new furry friend to a puppy training class in Chicago, IL

When it comes to dog behavior, good habits start early. By teaching your dog basic obedience skills and good behaviors at a young age, you'll be setting yourself up for a happy and stress-free life with your new best friend. If you're looking for a puppy training class with an experienced professional, Back To Basics Dog Training is the company to call.

Our four-week puppy training program is designed to help your dog adapt to life in your household. Contact us today to sign up for a training course in Chicago, IL.

We'll cover all the basic puppy skills

We train puppies as young as eight weeks. Our courses cover:

Puppy leash training
Crate training
Potty training
Obedience training

Our experienced trainer can work with any breed. Call 614-441-2339 now to learn more about our puppy leash training courses. We'll start with a free phone consultation to discuss your puppy's needs.