Meet Fido's New Teacher

Get to know our experienced dog trainer in Chicago, IL

Hi! My name is Wen Tze, and I'm the founder and lead trainer at Back To Basics Dog Training in Chicago, IL. Ever since I was young, I've known that I wanted to be an animal trainer. I grew up with lots of pets in my household, and I was a huge fan of Cesar Millan. I pursued my interest in professional dog training in college, where I majored in animal science and psychology.

As an experienced dog trainer, I've had the opportunity to make tons of furry friends while working at:

  • A zoo
  • A pet boarding facility
  • A veterinary clinic
  • A pet insurance company

I've also trained with a U.S. Marine Corps canine handler. Over the years, I developed my own professional dog training method based on positive reinforcement and leadership techniques.

What can you expect from our dog training program?

Every dog is different, so I don't use a cookie-cutter approach. As an experienced dog trainer, I create a custom game plan for each of my furry clients based on their needs and personalities. No dog is too old to help, and my goal is to give every dog I train the opportunity to learn.

The best part about being a dog trainer is that I get to help so many wonderful animals and families - and I can't wait to meet yours.