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When it comes down to basic needs, dogs aren't that different from people. Just like us, every dog wants to be shown affection and kindness. With a little love, some professional dog training and lots of patience, you can develop a positive lifelong relationship with your furry friend.

Whether you need help training a new puppy or you want to discourage bad habits in an older dog, our experienced dog trainer can help. Back To Basics Dog Training serves clients in and around Chicago, IL. We offer training courses for dogs of all ages and breeds.

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What makes our program different?

Our owner and lead trainer has years of experience in the animal care field. During that time, she's developed a unique training method that relies on positive reinforcement techniques. Our classes are designed to give your pup the best quality of life possible by teaching him or her to adapt to life as a house pet. We also provide tips for at-home training, and we can teach you how to understand and communicate with your pet.

Our services include:

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When you sign up for one of our professional dog training courses in Chicago, IL, you can expect:

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